Still Undecided? Here are 4 Interesting and Unique Jobs to Try

Private InvestigatorThere is no denying that there is a wide range of unique and interesting jobs nowadays. If you are looking for one, you may want to consider the following:

Private investigator

Private investigators are hired to participate in solving crimes, obtain deliberately hidden and confidential information, or locate missing people. The good news is you can get a private investigator certificate online if you wish to start a career in this field. Now, you don't have to attend lessons personally and can learn from wherever you prefer.

Bereavement Coordinator

If you have lost someone and the issue was handled professionally and sensitively, it was likely due to the services of a bereavement coordinator. Even though these coordinators are not responsible for breaking the bad news, they are in charge of social workers who will do the job. Other responsibilities include working tirelessly to design a system that makes an unbelievable situation as painless and stress-free as possible.


A wine steward, also known as a sommelier, usually works in an upscale hotel or restaurant. Their responsibility is to handle everything related to the establishment’s wine collection. Clients who need a recommendation or have questions regarding wine will ask the sommelier. The sommelier, in turn, provides them with the best selection to go with the meal of their choice. 

Additionally, the wine steward can travel to different vineyards in search of the best wine to meet the business’ needs. They also assist the chefs to come up with meals that pair well with their wine collection.

Horse trainer

People who love to see horse races or riding horses will have benefited in part from a horse trainer. Those who do this have a primary responsibility to prepare horses for jockeys or other uses. The training is done when jockeys or horse riders are not present. For example, in the case of horse racing, the trainers are responsible for evaluating a horse’s responsiveness and well-being before a race.

It is interesting to note that these are jobs that do not need a college degree. You can start off with a certificate and get a job. Furthermore, take note that they all receive $50,000 salary a year.