Have Sensitive Teeth? Make Sure You Avoid Eating These Foods

Patient on a dental chairIt’s never fun to have sensitive teeth. People who have this condition experience short but sharp pains due to exposed nerves. They can minimise teeth sensitivity by getting regular checkups with a dentist from a reliable dental practice, such as andrewthomasdental.co.uk. A dentist can identify the causes of tooth sensitivity and provide treatment or advice on how to manage the condition. On top of regular visits, people with sensitive teeth should steer clear of eating these types of food.

Very Hot and Cold Food

Sometimes, the triggers of sensitive teeth are not the food items per se but the temperature of the food. Food items like hot soup and meals with high temperature can cause pain in the teeth. Avoiding such food is simple; wait for them to cool before taking a bite or a sip.

Cold food also aggravates sensitive teeth. Frozen treats like popsicles, ice cream, and frozen yoghurt may cause your teeth to hurt. Hence, it’s best to go for the not-so-extreme versions of these treats. Just cold yoghurt, perhaps, instead of frozen yoghurt? If you can handle it, that is.

Sugary Food

Food containing a lot of sugar are highly acidic. They contribute to dental erosion and can be painful for individuals with sensitive teeth. So, stay away from food like sugary cereals, baked treats, candy, chocolate and processed sweetened food. Cutting down on these items helps manage tooth sensitivity and contributes to a healthier smile.

Spicy Food

Curries and dishes loaded with spicy peppers can sometimes cause an acid reflux. This condition may result in stomach acids getting into the mouth via the oesophagus. If you suffer from both sensitive teeth and acid reflux, stay away from this type of food.

As much as possible, keep away from hot and cold foods, sugary foods and spicy foods when you have sensitive teeth. Instead of going for these foods, consider the ones that are good for sensitive teeth. Dairy foods, such as cheese, have a protein called casein, which shields the teeth from acidic elements.