The CIA Triad: Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of Information

Concept of SecurityNo, the CIA triad isn’t connected to the Central Intelligence Agency. It actually refers to information Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability. Plenty of information security measures have been developed to safeguard one or all aspects of this CIA triad.

Confidentiality of Information

This basically means protecting crucial information, including personal identifiable information, bank statements, government documents, trade secrets, and credit card information from being disclosed to unauthorized users. One of the most vital components of information security includes encryption. This makes certain that only the proper users could read the information sent. Other methods for securing information include implementing access control lists and file permissions to prohibit access to sensitive data.

Integrity of Information

This refers to safeguarding information against unapproved modification by unauthorized users because information is only valuable if it is correct. Cryptography plays a prominent role in making sure that the integrity of data isn’t compromised, explains a Security+ practice test course instructor. The most common methods used for safeguarding integrity of data includes hashing received data and then comparing it to the original message’ hash, considering that the original data was sent in a secure manner. GPG is likewise commonly used for digitally signing data.

Availability of Information

This refers to making certain that only authorized users would be allowed to access information as needed. You’re probably aware of DDoS or Denial of Service attacks on various high profile sites, which denies users access to crucial information and resources. So how do you make sure that information is safely, yet readily available to authorized users?

First off, regular offsite backups. This could significantly mitigate potential damage resulting from natural disasters, hacked systems, and damaged hard drives. Redundancy is likewise appropriate for highly critical information services. Maintaining an offsite location you could use for restoring services, should something happen to your primary information centers, would substantially decrease downtime if the unexpected occurs.

Main Takeaways

One of the most fundamental aspects of information security is the CIA triad. More often than not, making certain that all three are secure is a critical step in developing a secure system. This is even more crucial these days since the Internet of Things and today’s networks pose more challenge to information security because all systems nowadays are virtually interconnected.