How to Maintain Your Industrial Air Compressor

Black Air CompressorMaintaining your industrial air compressor in a good state is vital in extending your machine’s lifespan. It is critical to perform maintenance procedures once a year or according to guidelines offered by the manufacturer. Below are some tips to help keep your machine working for a long time:

Changing the air compressor oil

Draining the used oil from your machine can be a challenging task. However, you can follow the following guidelines to get the job done.

• Before you drain the old oil from your machine, turn it on for three to five minutes. This warms up the oil and reduces its viscosity so that it flows out more easily.

• Remove the draining plug from the machine and drain the old oil into a container.

• After draining all the old oil, fill it up with the oil recommended by the manufacturer.

Removing and replacing the air filters

Changing the air filter is simple. You can either remove the air filter by pinching it, or you can detach the screws that are holding it in place. Fitting in new filters is also as simple as removing the old ones.

Replacing worn out belts

The first step in changing your machine’s belt is figuring out where the belts are caged. If they are caged, find the rivets that hold the cage in place and remove them. After opening the cage, you can now exchange the old belt with a new one.

It is good to note that taking some time to maintain your air compressor industrial is critical to extending its lifespan. Additionally, regularly servicing your machine stops it from breaking down and costing you more in repairs.