A Basic Guide to Finding the Right Shades of Water Tanks

White Residential Water TankIf you have settled for an above ground water tank, you are likely to wonder whether colour matters. Choosing a shade could pose significant advantages that relate to your needs and objectives. Since poly water tanks are available in a range of shades, below is a summary that could help you make informed decisions.

1. Avoid Dark Colours for Residential Tanks.

You want to make sure the colour suits the environment where you will place your cylinder. Remember, do not choose dark colours if you want a tank that you could use to store drinking water. Darker colours are notorious for absorbing heat. This means that water from such tanks may be warm, have bacteria, and therefore isn’t safe to drink.

2. Evaluate Coloured Poly Mixes.

Manufacturers craft poly tanks using SUPA UV technology. This ensures their resilience when placed in direct sunlight. Even so, some coloured poly mixes tend to be more resilient than others. For instance, a mist green poly tank or a beige one can perform better when placed under intense ultra violet rays. It is more so the case if you compare such tanks with their dark green or river gum counterparts. It pays to evaluate your colour choices and make decisions.

3. Consider Aesthetics.

It is reasonable to want a tank colour that complements their home or outdoor environments. Such a decision will ensure that your tank will blend in with other surroundings, such as a shed or an entire garden.

Colour remains one of the prime aspects to consider when choosing tanks. This is especially true if you do not intend to build a shed for your water tanks. You don’t want an eyesore in your lovely home. Have you already bought a water tank? There are innovative ways you could neatly change the shade of your tanks and protect them from harmful ultraviolet rays.