When in Bath…A Great Vacation Awaits

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Whether you are visiting for a short break or an extended stay, selecting the right accommodation is crucial as it will make or break your entire vacation. Choose an accommodation that checks all the boxes on your list.    The hustle and bustle of city life can be draining. Every once in a while, you are entitled to go on a short break just to clear your head, calm your soul and recharge your batteries. When it comes to short breaks, few destinations come close to Bath – a UNESCO World Heritage City teeming with attractions including its famous Roman baths, museums, shops, great restaurants, and of course, idyllic B&Bs such as Bailbrook Lodge. To get the most out of your short break, here are four things to help you choose the boutique B&B in Bath for you.


Bath offers accommodation options for every traveller. If you are on a tight budget or you would rather splurge on other things, there are several affordable and mid-range B&Bs in Bath. If money is no object, treat yourself to some of the City’s most luxurious accommodations.


It’s all about location, location, location. Don’t spend those precious few extra hours of your short break on vehicle rides to and from your hotel. To enjoy every bit of your stay, choose an accommodation that provides the peace and tranquillity you seek (think serene English gardens), while at the same time just minutes away from the prime spots.


Amenities are also crucial when it comes to choosing your accommodation because they help make your life easier and your vacation even more enjoyable. For example, if you require an ensuite room or are looking for great room service, you should always ask the hotel whether they have these things. Check for children’s facilities such as cots and highchairs as well as food offerings for kids. These are just a couple of items to cross off your list.

Value for money

As with anything, it is the little things that can take a vacation from good to great in Bath. Complimentary drinks and treats go a long way for travel-weary visitors. Other extras such as hair dryers, safes, and the like also add value for money and enhance your experience.