University Courses Other Students Have Chosen

College Student on CampusDo you know what course you will take in university? Incoming university students who are still confused as to what course to take can probably ask themselves what they want out of university. Do you want to pursue your passion? Do you want to honour your parents and take the course they choose for you? Finally, do you instead want to enter a course that offers a bright career ahead of you?

Decreased Interest in Law

Perhaps you can better decide when you learn what courses other Singaporeans have chosen this year. According to reports, interest has decreased significantly in law among incoming university students. This decline can be contrasted to the past trend of law as the first choice of students.

Education authorities think that applicants may have been influenced by the oversupply of law graduates that the government warned about. Three years ago, the Law Minister revealed that the slow growth rate of training contracts and jobs in Singapore might fall short of the overflowing supply of law graduates. Since last year, students seem to have shied away from a law degree.

Surge in Computing Popularity

Instead of law, students have been flocking to computing courses such as computer science. Computer science courses alone saw an increase of 35 percent in their applications. The industry offers higher salaries and more than enough jobs that may have attracted most students.

Prospects in Early Childhood Education

Early childhood education has also garnered renewed interest as the preschool education sector drew future educators in to replenish their manpower. James Cook University Singapore noted that many students have enrolled mostly in Singapore early childhood education diploma courses, although many have also expressed a desire for more degree courses to become available.

As of now, Singapore retains a supply of 16,000 pre-school educators. The sector needs 4,000 more by 2020, however. This high demand comes from increasing calls by families for Singapore early childhood education for very young children.

Now that you know what incoming university students have chosen recently, you can better choose which course you will take in university.