Buying a Dust Extractor? Consider These Factors First

Dust ExtractorBuying a dust extractor and collector as a safety measure for your warehouse, factory, or workshop in NZ is a decision you will never regret. But, just like when buying anything else, you need to be careful not to make any hasty decisions.

Here are three main factors to consider before buying a dust extractor in NZ.


Dust extractors are available in different sizes that range from small, domestic gadgets to industrial sized ones. A dust extractor and collector for a large factory cannot be the same size as the one used in a home workshop. The appropriate size for you will depend on your specific needs.


Before buying a dust extractor and collector, research on the different types available on the market and choose the one that suits your needs and budget. Manufacturers play a huge role in determining the quality of these products, which range from less than average to high-quality ones; and so does quality affect their price.


Your budget determines how much you are willing to spend. It is easier to start shopping for a dust extractor and collector when you have a defined budget than when you have none to which you can refer. You will also find it helpful to factor in repair and maintenance costs at this stage.

There are different sizes and designs of dust extractors and collectors today. And whilst it may take you longer to locate the best one for your needs, you certainly will eventually get the right one. But in order to make informed decisions, be sure to keep these reminders in mind. These will help you get the product you need to ensure health and safety in your workshop.