A Guide in Choosing the Right Ski Gear

Mother and son on a skiAre you thinking about spending a ski holiday in Val d’Isere? What are you waiting for? Contact your travel agent and book that winter vacation that you always wanted but are too busy to do finally.

In the meantime, aside from knowing the personal supplies that you need to bring, it is also wise to know the appropriate gear you need to have. Here a short but sweet guide on ski gear you should definitely read.


This is a protection everyone should have while skiing. Wearing a helmet can reduce the risk of a severe brain injury during a crash or fall. It absorbs the impact of the energy rather than your head taking the brunt of the trauma.

But just as important as wearing a helmet is wearing the right one. Your ski helmet must meet the safety standards prescribed by regulatory bodies.


Your goggles protect your eyes from snow blindness and UV radiations. Not only that, it will also guard your eyes elements such as against the fog. You have the option to buy your own goggles, or you can just rent it from the ski resort.

Ski Boots

A well-fitted boot provides comfort and at the same time allows you control of your movements easily. If you decide to buy a new pair of boots, you have to ensure you are comfortable wearing it while negotiating the slippery slopes of your ski holiday.

It should be snow proof and waterproof as well.


Choose the perfect gloves that will provide you with sufficient warmth, comfort, and flexibility. Waterproof ski gloves are made from both snow proof and waterproof fabrics, so it comes highly recommended. It will keep your hands dry and warm while skiing.


Your ski trouser should fit you perfectly, not too loose and not too tight. You do not want to limit your movements because of an uncomfortable trouser. In fact, it should be comfortable enough so you can move freely.


There are several options factors to look into when choosing the right jacket such as the quality of materials, style, fit, colour and others. You just have to remember that your jacket should serve its purpose while you are skiing.

Everything set? Now you are ready for your skiing trip!