During Divorce Proceedings: Things You Shouldn’t Do

DivorceWhen you’re still in the process of divorce, keep in mind that your actions and behaviors can affect the settlement results. This is why it is important not to let emotions take you over or do something that may cause the family court to favor your spouse. You have to consider both your personal and legal actions.

Family law attorneys in Albuquerque and other parts of New Mexico share some of the things you shouldn’t do during divorce proceedings:

Disobey Court Disorders

Don’t violate custody and visitation agreements, even if they’re temporary. Failure to follow court arrangement signifies disrespect and this can compromise permanent arrangements later on. It's also not a good idea to badmouth the other parent or ask your kids to spy on your ex-spouse. It's best to consider their best interest and keep them out the process.

Make Big Moves

Significant life changes like switching jobs or residence is not a good idea during divorce. This can complicate things by causing additional expenses or delays for you and your spouse. You shouldn’t also go on a vacation at this point, as the court will need your presence to attend arrangements or move along with the settlement. It is advisable to postpone scheduled trips first.

Try to Hide Assets

When declaring assets and properties, be consistent and provide accurate information. If you and the other party have completely different information, the court may become suspicious that you are hiding something. It is also not a good idea to let relatives or friends hide the property first and then get it back after the settlement.

Let Your Emotions Rule

Divorce is a highly emotional process, but you shouldn’t let your feelings affect your decisions. This will only make the whole process longer and more expensive. If you, for instance, are angry that your spouse cheated on you, you shouldn’t take revenge or spend more money to expose all his affairs. The same is also true for giving up other properties just to get an asset that is not actually worth it.

Contact a reliable family law attorney to guide you throughout the proceeding. This is also beneficial in protecting your rights and getting the settlement you deserve.