Showing Your Child Your Constant Care After Losing a Custody Battle

Kid covering his ears as his parents fight in the background

Child custody and child support legal battles are not won all the time. It’s possible for you to lose custody or not get sole custody of your child as you have originally planned. Even so, you can still show them how much they mean to you.

Provide Regular Child Support

Providing monetary child support is the easiest way for you to care for your child even though you have partial or no custody. Used properly, it will help pay for your child’s needs such as food, clothes, and education. Regularly communicate with your children so you can find out if your financial support is making a difference in their lives.

Spend Quality Time with Your Children

The advantage of shared custody with your ex-spouse is the fact that you can physically spend time with your children. Take advantage of it! Ask them how they are doing, help them with homework, or even get into hobbies together. Better yet, ask them how they’d like to spend your time together and follow through.

Don’t Badmouth the Other Parent

Actions can mean much more than words at this point. Your time, money, and energy are better spent making your life better with your kids while you are with them. If your children ever find the need to talk about their other parent, they will start the conversation themselves.

Fight For Them Again

There are ways to have the court order reversed so you can get your children back. You may find it a difficult process to repeat, but winning back your kids and the right to keep them is always worth that extra effort. Osmond and Cockayne Associates reminds to make sure you hire a better and more experienced lawyer this time, specifically one that’s an expert in family law in Riverton.

Not having custody of your children doesn’t have to stop you from showing your love and care for them. You can still provide for them, spend time with them and continue to fight for them. The only limit is your willingness to keep on caring.