How to Stay Safe While Walking Home at Night

Woman Walking Alone at NightWe have all sensed that uneasiness before. You may have walked the same route home every night for the past year, and you still give out a sigh of relief when you’re finally inside your home. Even walking alone to your car in the open can sometimes feel unsafe. Self-defense experts at Mighty Defenses suggests that being aware of your immediate surroundings and being prepared can greatly reduce the chances of being a target.

Know where you’re going

If you’re walking home, always take a route that is familiar to you. Walk confidently like you know where you are going. Attitude is an important component of self-defense. Looking lost makes you look vulnerable and an easy target for criminals. Project confidence and look certain of your route, and most petty criminals will be put off.

Walk with a companion

For would-be assailants, people who are alone are often their first choice. Whether you’re a man or a woman, walking alone in the night makes you a preferred target. If it’s a quiet area, it‘s best to find someone to walk with you no matter how short the distance, even if it’s just to the bus stop or your car.

Let people know where you are

If it’s a long way home in the night, call and talk to someone on the phone while you walk. It makes criminals think twice since someone else knows where you are. You can also use safety apps that let you trigger an alert to your emergency contacts from your GPS location. It is also wise to keep your phone charged in case of any emergency. Charge it fully before you leave the office and never forget to bring along your mobile battery pack.

Always have a deterrent within reach

Keep a small non-violent deterrent like mace or pepper spray that you can quickly reach from your handbag or jacket pocket. The idea of non-violent deterrents is to disable your would-be attacker temporarily, so you have enough time to escape and get help. Also, be sure your deterrent is compliant with your local laws. If you are in Slidell, it is best to get a pepper spray from a store in Slidell or Lousiana — different cities or states permit different levels of concentrations.

Wear the right shoes

Keep a pair of sneakers or flats in the office for those nights when you are alone and have to walk home or to a nearby meet-up. In an emergency, uncomfortable shoes can slow you down considerably and increase your chances of getting hurt.

In Slidell, the violent crime rate is less than 4 for every 1,000 residents. A small number, some might say. With a bit of vigilance, we can help reduce the statistics even further and make all our journeys home much safer.