Eating Fruits and Veggies with Braces

Woman with braces eating an apple

When you wear orthodontic appliances, you need to be aware of what and how you eat. You will need to avoid eating too many sugary foods to prevent plaque buildup. Sticky and chewy foods may also become stuck in your braces, and you may have a hard time removing the food.

Hard food such as nuts and ice are another no-no as they can break the wires of your braces and loosen their brackets. But when it comes to fruits and vegetables, which you should not live without, here are a few reminders.

Braces are an opportunity to make healthy changes to your diet

Many of the troublesome hard foods are less-than-healthy snacks such as gummies, candies, and corn chips. In that case, wearing braces offers you a chance to make healthy dietary changes. But what about healthy fruits and veggies that are also “hard foods?”

Here is how to eat crunchy fruits and vegetables when you are wearing dental ortho appliance.

The Needed Preparations

Raw fruits and vegetables that have a hard texture can damage braces wires. If you have to eat hard fruits and vegetables when wearing braces, these foods will need a little preparation. You can cut fruits such as apples and pears into tiny, bite-size pieces or thin wedges.

Alternatively, try unsweetened applesauce or go for canned fruits in their juice. When it comes to carrots and other crunchy vegetables, try cutting them into tiny slivers. You can also cook the vegetables to make them easier to eat.

When you get braces, your mouth and device will need special care to safeguard your oral health and achieve optimal orthodontic results. Accordingly, your orthodontist will show you how to clean your mouth.

You will also get advice on the foods to avoid. While you have to go slow on hard foods, you do not have to stop eating healthy but crunchy vegetables and fruits. Just make sure to cut them into small pieces or cook them and chew them slowly.​