5 Inventive Ways to Use Residential Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights in a RoomChristmas lights are usually used on traditional Christmas trees. For some, seeing those lights covering real or plastic trees during the holidays has become boring. Well, you can always spice things up.

Here are some inventive ways to use Christmas lights.

1. Have an expert decorate your home

Yes, there is such a thing! Some companies assist property owners who want to install residential Christmas lights for display. Not only will it save you time, you can also be sure that the experts will do a great job at adorning your home with Christmas lights in a unique and special way. simply put, they know how to use those small lights to make your house the talk of the town.

2. Use Christmas lights for table centerpieces

Do you have an old, elegant lantern or candle holder just lying somewhere around the house? Put them to good use by making them the centerpiece of the table during Christmas dinner. Fill up the lantern with some Christmas lights and wrap some garland around the base of the lantern to hide the plug.

3. Make a winter sparkle spectacle

Use a little science (along with some shimmer and sparkle) when decorating the living room. Grab some Christmas lights and a mirror garland and hang them from a curtain rod. Put them in the living room and get ready to be dazzled.

4. Decorate the bed frame

The Christmas theme does not have to be limited to the parts of the house that will most likely be seen by guests. For some additional holiday cheer, put some wreaths in the bed frame and take it a notch higher by installing Christmas lights.

5. Create a tomato cage Christmas tree

Who says Christmas trees have to be complicated? Bring out the tomato cages that are usually reserved for yard gardening and wrap the Christmas lights around the wires. Just prop it wherever it looks proper and enjoy the LED lights dance.

At the end of the day, how LED lights are used to decorate the home will boil down to creativity and thinking outside the box. Start shopping for new Christmas lights or check if you can still use the old ones. It’s never too early to prepare for the holiday.