The Risks of Being Extremely Nice During Divorce

A Divorcing Couple For some of those who know better, revenge during a divorce has its way backfiring in the future. Those who take it to the extreme are left feeling sad and unsatisfied, with some wishing they can turn back time. This is why many strive for an amicable divorce or practicing the act of kindness during settlement and proceedings.

Being Too Nice

Divorce attorneys in Colorado Springs note that being nice is good — you’re willing to compromise and negotiate, and you are concerned about your spouse’s feelings. Note that it’s not always advisable to be extremely nice. This is especially true if you always put other’s interest first. Exerting extra effort to maintain a good relationship with someone who can’t do the same is never a good idea.

Risks of Avoiding Conflict

The truth is, it’s likely to make errors when coming up with a financial decision if you are always trying to avoid conflict. Staying or keeping the family home is good, but if this means giving up too much cash or liquid assets, it can backfire. You have to consider if you can still afford to stay at home if you’re giving up too much in exchange for equity.

It is Better to Be Prepared

You cannot be too nice and just say “yes” to everything if your spouse is apathetic and care less about you. This is why hiring a divorce attorney is important. Having an experienced lawyer can examine your case and make sure you’ll get what is right. This means that you’ll have the fair share of the settlement, instead of disowning assets that are rightfully yours.

Sometimes, saying “no” is okay. It is not always a bad thing is you kids get mad at you or if you make your spouse angry. As long you’re doing what it is right and fair, it is fine. Tell your attorney what you expect and tell others what you need. Note that your divorce decision can affect you and your child’s life in the future, so set boundaries. Let go of guilt and know the difference between pity and sympathy.