Meals with Appeal: Prepare Your Children’s Lunches, Chef-Style

LunchboxAll those cooking shows on TV make it look easy to prepare a healthy lunch that children would eat. According to certified chefs, however, it’s relatively easy to make yummy lunches your kids would enjoy, and you can even get away with giving them last night’s leftovers!

Parents who already work in the food service industry can learn more by getting food handling certificates from companies such as Such courses can arm individuals with the tips and tricks of preparing safe and healthy lunches for the entire family. If you are a stay-at-home parent, you can whip up some exciting meal ideas with tips from these famous chefs:

1. Add some treats

Two-time Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide Chef of the Year Brent Savage may be running several acclaimed restaurants, but when it comes to his kids’ lunches, he keeps things simple. He packs whole foods into their lunchboxes including celery, raw carrots and cucumber paired with salads and sandwiches. They add treats such as sweet biscuits for variety, to keep the kids from getting bored quickly.

2. Let Kids Help with the preparation

Bar H and Banksii owners Rebecca Lines and Hamish Ingham prepare their children’s lunches, but every once in a while, they let their young ones take over. Harper, for instance, enjoys coming up with her own sandwich combinations. Her most recent discovery, a jalapeno-mild cheddar-and honey Sambo, was so good it ended up on the Banksii snack menu.

As the children love sushi, they stock up on organic brown rice and make their own rolls. They make sure to keep the sushi safe by seasoning the rice with sushi vinegar and keeping an ice block inside the lunchbox.

Now, you don’t really have to be a chef to create the kind of lunches your children will enjoy. When making a tasty lunch for your children, the most important thing is to prepare and store the food properly, so they can enjoy it fresh.