Design and Signage Tricks for a Great Trade Show Booth

Trade Show AreaTo stand out in your next trade show exhibit, you need to prepare for a great trade show booth. Before you order coreflute sheets for sale and other signage supplies, however, you have to know what your booth and signage will say to your potential customers.

Choose a design and signage that will serve your trade show purposes effectively. To narrow down your choices, you can use these guides when choosing designs and signage.


For signage, you can choose ones that people can read from different distances. You should first consider signage that people will see from afar. The typography has to be legible and as uncluttered as can be. The same principle goes for smaller signs that serve to inform potential customers as they near your booth.


For indoor trade shows, you can choose a banner or a coreflute sign without worrying about lighting. Outdoor shows are another story, especially during nighttime. You need to illuminate your signage. Bring signs with integrated lighting. Otherwise, you have to bring separate lighting and position it strategically.


For your booth design, create a design made for interaction with potential customers. You can designate areas where trade show goers can converse with you and your team about your products or services. Interactive booths can produce more buzz about your brand or product.

High-quality Graphics

High-quality graphics can go a long way in a trade show. You can buy coreflute signs for sale, and other materials of the highest quality from an Australian supplier. Pair these materials with original and striking photographs and prints of the highest image quality. You will end up with a beautiful booth that will make heads turn.

With the tips above, you can create a booth that will maximise your trade show marketing and create a great return on investment.