What Beverage Garnered the Most Sales in the US?

Americans DrinkingThe U.S. has favored carbonated soft drinks and other sugary beverages more than any other product for the longest time, but that evidently changed in 2016.

Americans consumed more bottled water than carbonated beverages in the previous year, which marked the first year that it has ever happened in the country. Bottled water sales continually increased with an 8.5% surge during the year, while sales of carbonated soft drinks dropped 1.7% in the period, according to Gary Hemphill, Beverage Marketing Corp. Managing Director and COO.

Thirsty for Growth

Beverage Marketing Corp. has been studying trends in beverage intake and that includes bottled water, which has steadily increased in terms of consumption for the last 12 years. While carbonated drinks still lead the race based on a dollar basis, the increasing volume of bottled water consumption indicated that more people are becoming conscious on their choice of drink.

If the trend continues, diseases related to consuming sugary beverages will surely decline especially among children. According to recent data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), most of us drink at least on carbonated beverage per day.

That’s quite disconcerting since soft drinks are one of the main culprits for added sugars in our diet.

Health Risks

Most labels such as shrink sleeves on bottles and other packaging materials often contain information on the amount of sugar in carbonated drinks. Still, that has not deterred children and even adults from patronizing them.

The CDC data found that 28.2% of adults consumes at least one carbonated drink per day, as opposed to a bigger percentage of children at 33.2%. By gender, men consume more sugary drinks per day with 54% of the male population, as opposed to 45% of women.

It’s not entirely bad to consume carbonated beverages, but it has to be moderate if you feel it’s impossible to give up sweetened drinks. As long as you maintain a well-balanced diet, opening a can of soda occasionally shouldn’t be harmful to your health.