Three Maintenance Hacks for Your Weatherboard Cladding System

There are many commercially available details that can improve the look of your Weatherboard Cladding home’s exteriors. Weatherboard profiles in various colours, for instance, add a touch of elegance to your homes, which help create its own personality. If you have an aluminium weatherboard cladding system in your homes, here are some ways to maintain them properly:

1. Regular Cleaning

The majority of the things found in your home can last a long time with regular and proper cleaning. Your weatherboard cladding system is subjected to wear and tear due to external factors such as rain, sleet, snow and changing temperatures. Have a regular cleaning schedule to help reduce the chances of dirt and grime buildup. Use soapy water and soft-bristle brushes to remove any build-up and caked-on dirt before they can do damage. If you use a power washer to get the job done faster, follow your washer’s instructions to avoid damaging your weatherboard profile because of the pressure.

2. Regular Checkup and Maintenance

Cleaning your weatherboard cladding system regularly offers a good time to check for any damages. Spotting them in advance and addressing them quickly may prevent them from becoming bigger issues.

3. Protection During Construction

If you’re doing some external renovations, make sure your weatherboard profiles are well protected to avoid damaging them during the construction process. For instance, if you’re doing some paint work, cover them with plastic or paper to prevent accidental staining.

4. Gardening with Care

Pesticides and other chemicals can damage your weatherboard profiles, so be careful when using these substances near the cladding system. Some can do more harm than simple discolouration. If you need to use pesticide and other gardening chemical products, cover the exposed weatherboard profiles with plastic or paper as you would during a paint renovation project.

If you’re lucky enough to have a weatherboard cladding system, consider these tips to help clean and maintain them so they last a long time. There are many types of weatherboard profiles. Follow maintenance instructions specific for each type so you don’t end up damaging your investments.