The Top 4 Factors You Should Consider when Sizing Your Water Heater

Water HeaterIf you are familiar with fashion trends, you must have come across size-fit clothing. Yes, those one-size-fits-all clothes. You’re now asking how that is related to water heaters. Well, it’s not. Especially that part — the “one-size-fits-all” part.

That is why Orem plumbing companies recommend you use the right size of water heaters to match your needs for efficient water heating. If the water heater is very large, you will end up paying more for hot water you never get to use; meanwhile, a small water heater will deny you the comfort of having hot water sufficient for your whole family.

Typically, the size of a water heater will depend on whether it is a tank or tankless. And here are four sizing factors you need to consider when choosing one.

For Tank Water Heaters

1. The first-hour rating (FHR) – This rating indicates the amount of hot water a tank heater can produce within the first hour of use. A water heater with a high FHR will best suit the needs of large households. You can always confirm your water heater’s FHR from the yellow Energy Guide label.

2. The peak hour demand – This rating refers to the amount of water your family uses on average, in a busy hour. Calculate your peak hour demand to determine whether the size of a particular water heater is right for you.

For Tankless Water Heaters

1. The flow rate – Since tankless heaters simply heat water as you need it, it is advisable to find one that can heat enough water at any particular time you need to use hot water.

2. Temperature rise – How hot do you need your water to be? While most tankless heaters come with temperature controls, you do not want one whose optimal temperature rise is lower than your heating needs.

Choosing the right size of water heaters from reputable plumbing companies will ensure you have enough hot water for your use at home or work. This may also help you save on utility bills.

One-size-fits-all never applies when sizing water heaters. Choose wisely.