Running a Call Center? Here’s How to Keep Your Customers Happy

Call Center AgentResolving customer concerns over the phone yields higher customer satisfaction. In fact, compared to other channels, clients prefer talking on the phone as it lends a sense of urgency and a personal touch to resolving their issue.

For companies looking to improve their call center customer service, however, it may not suffice to just provide clients with a number to call. Managers need to create a tailored approach to enhancing the experience. Reputable customer service representative companies like, for instance, strategically design their services to allow them to mitigate the sources of customer frustration.

Here are some ways office managers can improve the operation of their call centers:

Staff enough agents

It’s easy for customers to get frustrated when made to wait on the phone to talk to an agent. Save clients from disappointment by making sure you have enough agents to respond to your customers’ needs. It also helps to provide callers with the option to exit the queue and instead leave a voicemail, in the event a spike in call volume comes up.

Encourage agents to make outbound calls

If a frustrated customer calls or sends an email, encourage your agents to make an outbound call to resolve the issue, especially for complicated requests or concerns. Your customers will appreciate the proactive approach and your agents may find it easier to explain the resolution with a phone call, compared to crafting a lengthy email response.

Measure KPIs

Setting up key performance indicators (KPI) can help your team stay focused on your goals. If your main goal is customer satisfaction, for instance, make it your primary KPI. This way, it’s easier for the team to identify areas of improvement and further their strengths.

As contact centers are the frontline of an organization, managers should always strive to deliver results. In keeping customers happy, it’s imperative to equip your team to resolve issues with little to no delay, respond to customers’ questions about any of the products, and make callers feel taken care of and valued during an interaction.