Modified Walls for Storage Functionality: How it Works

Room DesignThe walls of your home have three primary functions, and they are: divide the area, provide insulation and help stabilise the whole house structure. Apart from hanging family photos and graduation credentials, you traditionally mount a home theatre system on your wall.

You can, however, get more creative and modify your wall to have other functions, such as for storage. An ingenious way to install storage units in walls is to allow enough room for people to move here and there.

Industry expert Zilo Furniture described utilising space efficiently as a “balancing act”, meaning, you need to determine which areas to fill and which to leave open to movement.

Here are some suggestions.

Style and configuration

Storage units come in different styles and shapes. There are those mounted on the wall, and there are floor-mounted units with heights that almost reach the ceiling. Some units feature open shelves, and others have doors on every partition which make them barely visible when closed.

There are also those that feature a combination of open shelves and closed partitions, with huge partition areas where you could place TV set. You can even get a storage unit fitted with drawers.

A multi-functional wall

Aside from adding depth and style to your wall, you can store many things in the open shelves and cabinets. You can put the books that you regularly read in one of the shelves and some decorative items perhaps in other shelves, as well as important things like keys and mobile phones.

Freeing space

Decluttering helps in making you less stressed. If you are uncertain what style or configuration of wall storage to get, you can consult furnishing and fit-outs experts for best results. The main idea is to get rid of things you do not need and just leave the essentials.

Make your wall more functional by putting either wall or floor mounted storage units. These fabulous furnishings will add beauty and splendour to your home, making it more attractive and cosy. With storage units in your homes, you can free up more living space for your family to enjoy.