Disciplining Kids: Don’t Encourage Spanking

Disciplining KidsWhen it comes to disciplining kids, some parents encourage spanking, believing that it will teach children what’s right and wrong. Studies suggest, however, that it’s ineffective in the long-term and is associated with negative effects. Experts note that kids need to learn or know the reasons behind a proper behavior, without violence or physical punishment.

Child behavior experts and pediatric doctors in Lehi share other reasons you should not encourage spanking:

  • It contributes to aggression. It’s common for many parents to spank kids when they exhibit aggressive behaviors. Research notes, on the other hand, that frequent spanking is related to several long-term problems such as aggressiveness, low self-esteem, and anti-social behavior in most kids.
  • It doesn’t encourage positive behavior. Many parents spank their kids to avoid making mistakes. This disciple method, however, motivates kids to be sneaky to avoid any punishment. It also sends a wrong message, as spanking teaches kids to only behave properly when there is a threat of violence.
  • It causes anger, fear, and sadness. Spanking is both frightening and confusing for kids. Even if parents said they love them, children may find it difficult to understand why hitting is still necessary. It can sometimes encourage kids to hate their parents and harm family and parent-child relationships.
  • It teaches wrong ideas about discipline and authority. Spanking, for the most part, teaches kids that stronger individuals can impose their will on weaker ones. Hitting young kids is also harmful and parents can get out of control. Furthermore, violence encourages them to hit other people or when they become older.
  • Frustration is one of the reasons parents hit kids. It is advisable to learn ways to deal with frustration, rather than hitting children. Sometimes, parents also lose their ability to think and act clearly and start hitting kids for the most trivial reasons instead of controlling their anger or dealing with their own issues.

Doctors and behavior experts discourage the use of spanking or any physical punishment when disciplining kids. It never teaches anything aside from aggression and other negative behaviors.