Arrested for DWI for the Second Time? Here’s What You Should Do

Gavel and a bail moneyNorth Carolina laws on driving while intoxicated (DWI) offenses are some of the strictest in the country. Serious charges await first-time lawbreakers and repeat offenders are in danger of facing even more severe punishments, including jail time and driving license suspension. So if you are arrested for a second DWI offense, it is important you are aware of what this charge entails.

Know the DWI Level System in North Carolina

In North Carolina, DWI penalties are based on the five-level system, with Level 5 indicating a first offense (low blood alcohol concentration (BAC) results, and no other aggravating circumstances), and Level 1 being the harshest violation. As a repeat offender, you are likely to get a Level 4 charge that may entail jail time of 48 hours to 120 days and a fine up to $500.

Other aspects of the case, however, may bring you to another level of penalties. These other factors may include high BAC results, failure to cooperate with the police, the vehicular accident involved (if there’s any), other related traffic offenses, and any previous criminal record.

Get Help from Professionals

Since you are already aware of the DWI level system in the state, feel free to tell your lawyer, as well as the bail bondsman, if you feel that the charges are incorrect. One thing for you to consider is that the amount of bail and the bail bonds in Raleigh, NC depend primarily on the charges levied against you. So, make sure your lawyer checks the appropriateness of the penalties. Also, you must disclose everything to your lawyer as he or she will draft a defense plan based on all the evidence and statements of the people involved in the case – including you.

Perhaps, you’ve successfully challenged the charges with the help of your lawyer. But as long as you don’t change your driving attitude, you will likely end up in jail again. Remember that the second DWI offense could result in a lifetime suspension of your license and longer jail time; and the penalties only escalate if you get charged a third time. So just think of what you could lose, as a repeat DWI offender.