Stretch, Breathe, Clear the Mind and… Improve Your Teeth?

Yoga SessionThe idea that yoga can improve your oral health sounds ridiculous.

How does clearing one’s mind magically clear the teeth of cavities and plaque? Do stretching and reaching for the skies automatically give you a better smile?

Initially, there seems to be no obvious connection between the two. But science proves that yoga does more than just improve your flexibility. On the contrary, practising yoga is also good for your oral health.

Interconnection Within the Body

Fresh Dental, a private cosmetic dentist, believes that everyone should take a more proactive approach towards their oral health. If practising yoga is one of them, then the London dentists highly encourage going for it.

But how do you make sense of the odd connection?

When you realise the truth of interconnection within the body, it is not difficult to see how this works. For example, oral diseases, such as gingivitis, have been linked to other issues (e.g., heart disease). Particular issues in the body often result in side effects in other places.

Ignorance will result in an endless cycle of dental and general health issues.

Yoga: A Therapeutic Remedy

Yoga is a wonderful therapeutic practice that improves your physical and mental well-being – and even your teeth.


First, the art of stretching incorporates proper breathing techniques, which encourage saliva stimulation. Saliva plays a vital role in your oral health since it washes away the bad bacteria. It also decreases your risk for gum disease and tooth decay.

Poor posture triggers muscle pain. When you frequently slouch, this causes the head to fall out of line with the spine. As a result, it triggers jaw discomfort and overbite. Through yoga, however, you learn how to improve your posture. Eventually, this will take the strain off your jaw.

Stress also encourages the production of cortisol – the stress hormone – which worsens swelling in the gums. Since yoga is a proven stress reliever, it might reduce inflammation in the body, which includes your gums.

Yoga combined with oral hygiene practices does wonders for your teeth. Talk to your dentist about it and start stretching for your health.