Shower Before You Swim, How Essential is this Rule?

Swimming PoolWhenever you take your kids on a vacatio​n, you always see signs posted in hotel pools prompting you to shower before you swim. Do you ever wonder why this is necessary?

In the majority of countries around the globe, many people don’t shower before they enter a pool because they think it doesn’t really make sense. You’re going to get wet in the pool anyway, right? While you’re admiring the lavish swimming pool designs in the hotel, explain to your kids why they should shower before entering the pool.

Cleaner is Always Safer

This is the most significant reason you should shower first. Pools generally use chlorine to eliminate harmful pathogens and other bacteria. Chlorine doesn’t only affect how the water looks, but it also ensures its safety. You see, bacteria-filled water can make you sick if you spend a long time swimming in it.

Many individuals think that chlorine smell indicates how clean a pool is. They are unaware that you could only smell chlorine if it’s trying to get rid of contaminants. Thus, a pool is cleaner if you can’t smell any chlorine.

Removal of Contaminants

Unless you just took a bath, there is a high chance that your body has contaminants that could easily transfer to the pool. These consist of feces, urine, deodorant, shampoo, perfume, soap, and sweat. Even though you’d rather not think that there is still feces and urine in your body, you might still have small amounts left that you’d never notice. Image the pool full of people, get the picture?

With just a simple shower, water can wash away the contaminants to prevent them from joining you and other people in the pool. This easy habit can ensure that you have a clean pool for a longer duration and prevent you from swimming in other people’s contaminants, yuck! Those are just a few of the reasons why you should teach your kids to practice this important habit, even in your own pool at home. This way, you can maintain a clean pool that’s free from the dangers contaminates and chemicals from your bodies.