Is Your Child Too Young for Orthodontic Devices?

DentistTeenage years are often the ideal time to wear braces. Permanent teeth are already in place by the time a child reaches the age of 12. So, it is easier for orthodontists to detect irregularities in adolescents’ teeth alignment. But what about the younger children? Are braces not ideal for them?

Waiting for Primary Teeth to Fall Out

Most parents believe that they have to wait for their child’s primary teeth to fall out before making them undergo an orthodontic treatment — and that’s a common misconception. Some permanent teeth, for instance, are larger than the baby teeth they’d replace. Wearing braces will help open larger space for the permanent teeth to erupt in a better position. This way, the child can prevent having maxillary cuspids, better known as teeth that erupt in palatal gum as there’s no enough space around the primary cuspid it’d replace.

Buck Teeth are Prone to Dental Trauma

Children aged six to 10 with severely protruded upper front teeth are prone to dental trauma. If the child loves to play football, basketball, and other organized sports, this will create more risks. With protruding teeth, a child won’t have adequate lip coverage to protect his or her upper front teeth from a fall or blow. Orthodontic devices from dental practices such as Smile Designs Dentistry helps correct the alignment of their buck teeth. Braces and other such treatments will help intercept potential problems associated with protruding teeth, including overbite and other serious dental problems.

Other than preventing dental issues, early or interceptive orthodontic treatment may keep the children from being bullied. Having overcrowded or buck teeth often lowers children’s confidence, especially as they enter their adolescent years.

Despite the common misconception that orthodontic treatment is only for the teens and adults, youngsters can in fact benefit from it, too. Consider as early as now if your child is experiencing signs of serious dental problems. Consulting a dentist is still best.