Great Outdoor Space: The Secret in Keeping Your Patio Looking Good

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The newly installed pavement may look exceptional today, but as time goes by dirt, weeds, and moss may damage and wear them out. Fortunately, there’s something you can do to prevent the worst case scenario of removing, replacing, and redoing everything all over again. It all lies on how faithful you are in maintaining this particular area in your home. You just need to follow these five simple steps and you’re off to a better-looking patio.

Step #1: Never Leave a Space

Be sure to fill in between cracks on the pavers, especially when there’s an open gap in the tiles you’ve chosen. Experts recommend the use of polymeric sand because it hardens when moistened. This can block off the possible growth of plants and other organisms. Additionally, it helps hold the blocks together, notes an expert from Just Patios.

Step #2: Remove and Sweep Off Dirt

Clear out any type of debris or dirt off the pavers. This will not only keep your area clean, but also lessens the chances of staining the flooring. Wet leaves or biodegradable wastes are the usual causes of blotch, so you must immediately get rid of them.

Step #3: Wash the Surface Thoroughly

Expel all kinds of grime and dirt with the use of a hose. If a simple washing didn’t work, you may mix in half bleach and water solution. Spray it on the desired area, scrub or power wash it, then after a few minutes rinse it off. This step can keep away moss or any microorganisms from growing into your flooring for at least a year.

Step #4: Scrub or Brush the Exposed Surface

If you see stains or spots on top of the paver, clean it up using a mild detergent solution. You might need a wire brush for this one, so be sure to have one ready. Right before you start scrubbing, test it out on a small and hidden area to see if it can damage the surface of your patio.

Step #5: Seal Your Paver Routinely

Every two to three years, seal or caulk your patio tiles. The sealant should match the style or materials you’ve used for your flooring. Proceed with the application as soon as you find the correct sealant. For this step, you might need to review and learn some few tricks on how you can evenly apply it. In Brisbane, patio builders suggest that you watch a DIY video tutorial first or hire a professional if you’re not confident enough to do it.

Keep your patio or outdoor space in tip-top shape with these basic maintenance steps. Clean up your pavement regularly for a more attractive and charming exterior.