Efficient Jail Management Gives the Public Peace of Mind

Jail ManagementManaging the daily affairs of penitentiary or correctional facility can be a daunting task. The complex process of recording inmate information and incidents can be a bit taxing.

Perhaps one of the most difficult places to manage is a correctional institution or a penitentiary facility. Keeping hundreds, if not thousands, of people who are trying to make amends for their mistakes to society under one roof can easily become a logistical nightmare. You need to monitor almost all of their activities as well as jail incidents they may have been involved in. There is also the need to manage the commissary and if possible, track the purchases and balances of inmates. Fortunately, all these things can be efficiently accomplished with good jail management software.

What is it?

An expert from eFORCE Software​ explains that it is a groundbreaking software application that incorporates various jail processes and monitoring into one efficient jail management system. As enunciated by Crowd Reviews, this system allows efficiency within the penitentiary. The integrated system provides authorities access to important data like inmate information, commissary records, and more. It enhances the complex jail management processes and workflow in a correctional or penitentiary facility, making everything easy and fast.

What Does it Do?

It begins at the booking process where inmate information is entered into the system as soon as a duly accomplished arrest record is available. If there is a previous record of the inmate, it will immediately be shown by the system. Authorities would then be able to add information about the daily activity of the inmate such as any incidents he had been involved in, his phone, mail and visitation logs, as well as his medical logs. A central inmate information module is also available to keep track of the inmate’s cell history.

What Are the Other Functions?

The software management system will also allow authorities to monitor inmate purchases in the commissary and keep track of the inventory. It provides everyone with an efficient method for ordering items, as well as to allow deposits and monitor the current balances of inmates.

How Does it Help?

For one, it reduces the paperwork required to perform all these processes, making everything quick and accurate. Authorities can also track jail incidents based on type, the date it occurred and where exactly in the facility it happened. Through this particular function, authorities can reconstruct the incident puzzle and come up with a narrative of the incident. A report published on NCSL also stated that new technology helps in reducing administrative workload as well as costs.

Another great thing with this software application is it provides you with more than 20 standard reports designed for almost every jail situation. Since the application itself is cloud-based, you need not purchase additional equipment in order to use the software. All you need is a standard computer or device that can access the Internet. With all these great functionalities, jail authorities would definitely have more time to focus on more important tasks.