4 Patio Design Ideas that’s Perfect for a Tight Budget

paved patio designsThere’s a mistaken notion that building a beautiful patio needs thousands of dollars in investment. Well, you can pay huge money to get yourself a nice porch, that’s for sure. But money is not always a requirement.

There are many inexpensive ways to spruce up your outdoors, such as throwing in a nice rug or adding some fairy lights to warm up the night.

And if you’re looking for a more substantial makeover, you have a lot of options as well. Check out our suggestions below.

Add a deck

Pallets are an affordable way to build decks. You can buy them used for cheap from Craigslist or delivery docks. And you can customise them however you want. They’re also a great material for building outdoor furniture, such as tables, benches, and chairs.

Add a lounge area

Buy an inexpensive daybed, dress it up in pretty sheets, and throw in several cushions and pillows in a comfy way to enjoy the outdoors. You can also set up a do-it-yourself cabana with some pipes, wood, and curtains to drape around the daybed.

Use salvaged materials

Look up classified ads and thrift store sales to find whatever used and second-hand items you can find. The rustic, unpolished look is trendy in Brisbane these days and is actually perfect for patios. You can find anything from used furniture to old granite and stone slabs.

Add some colours

Sometimes, the best way to spruce up your patio doesn’t involve a lot of building and hammering about. You only need the help of colourful flowering plants to breathe new life. Fragrant vines, such as wisteria, are a great place to start, and there is a variety of flora you can choose from for the summer and spring months.

The possibilities are endless if you want to update an outdated patio design. You only need to jump outside the box to see what you can do.