4 Interesting Facts about Cattle Breeds in New Zealand

cattle breedsIf you are thinking of breeding cattle or just want to be an enthusiast, you may get a few pointers on cattle raising with this article. Read on.

1. Not all types of breeds are best for dairy and meat.

With so many types of cattle breeds in the country, it may seem easy to choose a breed. Your choice, however, depends on many factors, including the size of your farm, availability of food, experience in dealing with cattle, and purpose for breeding, according to Takanini Feeds.

While Angus and Belgian blue are great for producing meat, the Ayrshire and the Friesian cattle are perfect for milking. The likes of Maine-Anjou and Gelbvieh may be bred for both meat and dairy.

2. Some types of cattle are considered rare or minority.

The list includes Sussex, water buffalo, and Longhorn. In the country, there are breeders called the lifestylers, who breed odd cattle, such as the speckle park breed. The name is derived from the appearance of black speckles over its white top line.

3. A society monitors conserved breeds.

The Rare Breeds Conservation Society tracks certain cattle breeds that are high in the list of breeds for conservation. They are highly conserved due to their contribution to the growth of the country’s farms, breeds of feral origin, and imported breeds considered a minority in their country of origin. Some examples of priority breeds are Belted Galloway, Red Poll, Enderby Island, and Beef Shorthorn.

4. The weather has an effect on cattle breeding.

A study cites the potential effects of weather patterns on production and growth of calves. For example, wet seasons tend to improve the condition of the soil, allowing grass to grow aplenty for foraging. During dry seasons, it is the opposite.

Fortunately, cattle raisers may benefit from dairy pellets made to meet the nutrient requirements of livestock according to weather conditions or patterns in the area.

With these data, certainly, you’ll never look at cattle breeds and production the same way again.