4 Inexpensive Promotional Product Ideas for Your Next Event

Corporate Giveaways An event such as concerts and caravans are great channels to promote your products and/or brands. While you do not always need to provide free products for attendees, items that bear your company logo can go a long way to promoting your business and building your brand.

Here are some examples of branded merchandise you can create for lead generation. You can work with a screen printing company to produce the exact number of products you need.

  1. Mugs

This is especially advantageous if your business specialises in brewing the best cup of joe in the city. While it seems that every other business has some form of corporate mug giveaway, you can always make it better by adding a “coffee sampler” pack with every mug you give.

  1. Umbrellas

Umbrellas are still pretty popular product giveaways. Other than being extremely useful, they are also fairly cheap to produce. Do not be limited to adding just your company logo, however. You can always work with a printing company to create designs that suggest your brand. If you have a donut shop, why not create a donut-themed ‘box of umbrellas’?

  1. Water Tumblers

Apart from encouraging your potential customers to drink more water, you are also helping them save Mother Earth with every free water tumbler you give away. Work with a printing company that can help you design a water tumbler that people would be proud to carry anywhere.

  1. Gel / Silicone Wristbands

Neon, glow-in-the-dark wristbands are great corporate giveaways during marathons and concerts. They are also cheap to make and very popular across age brackets. If you are planning to sponsor a family-themed event, go for this type of giveaway.

Make Your Mark

Events are great ways for businesses to generate more leads. Apart from using psychology to encourage more people to support your brand, you are providing people with items they can actually use. Consider these suggestions for your next event.