The Three Common AC Unit Problems and Their Fixes

AC repair
One of the most important household appliances is the air conditioning system. This is why it’s necessary to always make sure that unit is working in proper condition all the time to provide your family comfort and convenience, especially when they are sleeping. Proper care and regular maintenance are a must to prolong your cooling system’s lifespan.

Here are some of the most common air conditioner problems you may encounter and what to do when they happen:

Weird Noise

An AC unit producing a weird, rattling, ticking, or buzzing sound may have a problem with its screws or the fan motor or blade might be twisted. In some cases, tightening and lubrication can fix the problem. However, it can be more complicated than that. If it still produces a weird noise, you need comprehensive air conditioning services from experienced companies like Jenkins Heating and Air to fix it. Insulating sleeves may cost $5, but a complete system overhaul may cost around $150.

Higher Electricity Bill

If your electricity bill went up drastically but you haven’t bought a brand new appliance and your consumption has been practically the same as last month’s, then there might be a problem with one of your appliances. If you think it’s your AC unit, then you must first check if the filter or condensing coil is dirty or blocked. If it is, then your AC unit may be the cause of the higher bill. To fix it, call for a quick cleanup or do it yourself.

Doesn’t Turn On

If your unit isn’t turning on, first check if it’s properly plugged. If it still won’t start, there must be a problem with the thermostat setting or the power might not be reaching the unit. A possible fix is shifting the thermostat setting to “cool” and checking if the battery is working fine. You can also check if your circuit breaker has a tripped fuse.

Be on the lookout for these problems and do the necessary steps to fix them and not let them worsen.