Keeping Your Laboratory Data Management System Safe and Secure

Laboratory Laboratories produce and manage a large amount of data every day, and having a data management system makes working with data much easier. Using an in-house system can be convenient as you have more control over it, but you will also be responsible for its maintenance.

Here’s what you can do to keep the data and your system safe and well-maintained:

Keep the Antivirus Updated and Running – When a computer virus enters your laboratory’s data management system, you run the risk of losing the system along with your cherished data. It is best, therefore, that you keep an effective antivirus program running and constantly updated when you have your system housed within your laboratory. Also, try to avoid plugging in any unsecured external storage devices to your in-house computers or scan them extensively before opening.

Keep Your Data Backed Up – Despite preventive measures and continual upgrades, there is always the possibility that things can still go wrong. Just so you’re sure, keep the data in your system constantly backed up just in case an emergency situation arises and you lose part or all of your information. Your laboratory can then easily recover from the losses and swiftly return to normal.

Consider Using an Online-Based System – If you see that the maintenance of your in-house system might be getting too difficult for your staff and the hardware, do consider applying a Web-based system instead. With an online-based system, you can freely work with your data without worrying about system maintenance and computer upgrades. Another benefit of this arrangement is that you save money because web-based programs offer less expensive licensing packages.

Using a data management system and keeping it well-maintained and secure is important for the smooth operations of any laboratory. With the many options and programs being offered today, all you need to do is find the right provider or software for your company. Remember to study your choices well before any purchase just so you don’t end up with subpar services or offers.