Keeping Your Children Safe as they Swim in Pools

Avoiding Child Injuries in Swimming PoolsSwimming with the family is one of the best ways to spend a nice, relaxing day. Without the proper safety guidelines and adult supervision, however, things could easily go south. Even expert swimmers, after all, could get into an accident because of slippery pool decks, broken or damaged stairs, slides, or diving boards, and inaccurate depth markings.

Children, who are more susceptible to injury and drowning, are especially at risk at swimming areas.

The most At-Risk for Drowning and Serious Injury

Statistics show that accidental drowning is the second-leading cause of unintentional death for children aged 14 and below. In fact, the figures show that for every child who dies of drowning, another five receive emergency hospital care for non-fatal submersion injuries. The most common injuries sustained are brain and spinal cord injuries. The effects of these injuries on children could vary — some of the more extreme cases result in memory loss or learning disabilities, while others could get stuck in a persistent vegetative state.

Children are more prone to swimming accidents since they could easily wander off and take a dip into the inviting waters unsupervised. A few minutes underwater could be enough for a child to drown.

Swimming Accidents are Preventable with the Right Safety Precautions

Families may find it difficult to recover following the loss or permanent disability of a child. Seeking help from a personal injury lawyer from New York, however, could provide significant relief by identifying the compensation rights that families are entitled to.

While young children are certainly at risk of fatal swimming accidents, families could keep the worst from occurring when they keep simple safety precautions in mind, such as installing a 4-sided fence around swimming pools to dissuade a child from entering a pool. On a similar vein, families should empty pools of floats and toys, as they will likely draw more children into the water.

Swimming pool accidents can truly be a life-changing event, but it doesn’t take much to prevent them from happening. Families should capitalize on the safety of their children whenever they’re in the pool area so they can enjoy swimming on a nice, relaxing day without any troubles.