Great Card, Readable Message: Writing Neatly on a Greeting Card

composing a letter
A great way to send a message to a colleague, a loved one, or a friend is through greeting cards. In fact, says that greeting cards and postage are an inexpensive way to connect with people on a personal level.

When sending out a greeting card, make the message inside more personal by penning a handwritten note. You need to make sure, however, that your handwriting looks as good as the card itself so that the receiver won’t have a hard time reading your message. To ensure that your penmanship is clean and readable, follow these suggestions.

Plan Your Message

Spelling and grammatical errors in your writing look unprofessional and may give the reader a hard time. Avoid making writing mistakes by penning a draft of your message on a piece of paper beforehand. Proofread your message before copying it onto your greeting card.

Make Guide Lines

Not all greeting cards have guide lines. Thus, making a few guide lines on your paper to keep your writing even is always a wise decision. Using a pencil and a ruler, gently draw a line onto the card. Once your guide lines are set, use a pen to write your message. Run an eraser across the whole card after the ink dries completely. This will leave you with a straight, even message.

Use a Good Pen

Proper writing tools can help prevent messy penmanship. Therefore, use a good pen to keep your writing clean. If you have a pen that cuts out or spits out globs of ink while you’re writing, discard it and use a more reliable pen. Additionally, when choosing a pen color, stick with traditional ink colors like black or blue. Sending a note to a client or colleague using unconventional pen colors such as green or gray would look unprofessional.

These suggestions can help you achieve a readable and consistent handwriting. When writing your message, be sure to take all the time that you need. Your recipient will surely appreciate the time you’ve spent in writing a thoughtful, readable message.