Famous People Who Had “Dental Magic”

Cosmetic Dentistry You may have heard the rumors about them or may have noticed how their once crooked teeth transformed into something perfect. Yes, celebrities and high-profile people are far from perfect.

Thanks to the wonders of science, these people can now flash flawless smiles:

Miley Cyrus

During her Disney days, she used to have crooked teeth.  But her fans claim that it only gave her more teenage charm. However, growing up became a struggle for Cyrus to detach herself from the Disney idol image. So it’s no surprise when she had teeth whitening and straightening that complemented her infamous signature, the tongue-out.

Tom Cruise

Yup, you’ve read it right. Cruise used to have ugly teeth that are misaligned and discolored. This certainly was a hindrance to his leading man looks, so it’s no surprise when he decided to have cosmetic dentistry services such as whitening and straightening of teeth. When they didn’t seem enough to give him perfect pearly whites, he also had veneers installed. General dentists such as Glenlake Dental Care usually offer this kind of service.

Hilary Duff

She used to have imperfect teeth, but she only decided to have them fixed when she started singing. Once, in a concert, Duff accidentally chipped her tooth on a microphone. With that, she finally upgraded to a full set of veneers.

Nicolas Cage

In 1984 while filming “Birdy,” Cage deliberately requested for two of his teeth to be pulled. Obviously, an actor with missing teeth does not look flattering on camera, especially if he is the lead actor. Cage got himself a full set of veneers, making him look perfect for the roles that landed him an Oscar.

Victoria Beckham

Contrary to her posh style and fashion sense, Beckham used to have a set of teeth with wide gaps and uneven spacing. Prior to her fame as a member of the Spice Girls, she had her teeth bonded and straightened.

Today, celebrities are not the only ones who can afford general dentist services and cosmetic dentistry. There are many dental clinics in the U.S., particularly in Glenview. With the wonders of science, everybody can now have a perfect smile.