5 Important Factors to Consider When Buying a House & Land Package

Dream House in South BrisbaneMany Aussies in South Brisbane are choosing to go the traditional route of buying house and land packages. This is a tempting option because it allows you to live in your own dream house, not in a house that someone else built. In many ways, it is also more affordable to buy the whole package.

However, buying a house and land package has its own complications. Planbuild Homes and other known contractors noted that it can be simple and straightforward, but only if you know what you need to make the right decisions.

Here are the five important things you should consider:

1. Type of Package

You have two options. You can buy land and build a house on top of it, giving you the freedom to build the house of your dreams. You can likewise buy a spec house, which is a package that includes a house that’s already built. Choose what you think works for you and your budget.

2. Type of Lot

Bigger lots are more costly, but they’re great for families who would like space for a backyard. Smaller blocks are naturally more affordable, and they are closer to public spaces such as retail stores and restaurants.

3. The Estate

Choose a lot situated in a community that suits your lifestyle needs. Check what infrastructure is available. Are there public transit, a daycare and shopping centres nearby? What open spaces, such as parks and nature trails, are available?

4. Builder and Quality of Work

Go for a builder that has both a good reputation and a high-quality portfolio. Ask to examine their display homes and evaluate the quality of materials and construction. A good builder should be able to duplicate the quality of their display homes when they build yours.

5. Cost

How much you can afford ultimately determines the house and land package you end up with. Ask the builder for detailed cost estimates, including construction and material costs. Don’t forget to include additional expenses, such as landscaping and site costs.

Buying a house and land package doesn’t have to be a daunting experience. If you do your homework and take into consideration all these things mentioned above, you will certainly have a chance at finding the best deal for you.