Win the War on Weeds: 6 Easy Battle Tactics to Try

Weed Control in SandyWeeds could wreak significant havoc in your garden if you go too gentle on them. If your garden is prone to weeds, try the easy weed control techniques listed in this article to win your war on weeds.

  1. Mulching Done Right – Mulch is basically a covering used for blocking sunlight and preventing growth. It is typically made up of shredded leaves, wheat straw, and other kinds of organic matter. Cover soil with 2-inch thick mulch along rows and between plants and consider adding a black ink newspaper if you have excessive or persistent weeds. You could also choose to spread a landscaping fabric around based on your shrubs and trees before applying mulch, and keep mulch several inches from bases of plants to deter insects.
  2. Pulling – When pulling out weeds, it’s necessary to pull out the root or they will regrow, says Greenside Landscaping. You should pull out weeds while they’re young or when the soil’s adequately wet to make the job easier. If this seems complicated for you, don’t hesitate to get some professional help.
  3. Digging – In the event that you have persistent weeds, the digging is your best recourse. Get a digging fork or spade and dig up as many roots as you can. If you don’t really like digging, make sure to cut their heads at least once weekly to prevent them from seeding.
  4. Reducing Soil Disruption – While cultivation — involves stirring the soil’s top portion to damage the tops and roots of weeds — is generally recommended by experts, you have to make absolutely certain that you also get the roots. Otherwise, you’ll just be exposing the dormant seeds to air and light, which in turn will encourage growth. Because of this, experts now recommend cultivation during nighttime.
  5. Closing the Ranks – If you have a well tilled and rich soil, consider planting your plants closer to each other to minimize weed growth.
  6. Consider Drip Irrigation – If you only water plants that need it, you could avoid weed growth in unplanted areas and paths.

Try these easy weed control techniques to see which one works for your garden best. If all else fails, better call in the pros.