Why is Adrenaline Rush Good for Your Health?

Extreme SkiingExtreme sports come with some level of danger. But the benefits you get outweigh the risks. With good risk management, you can improve mental and physical health through adventure sports. And a key element to these benefits is adrenaline rush.

What is Adrenaline Rush?

Adrenaline rush occurs when your body releases more adrenaline (or epinephrine), which is a stress hormone that prepares you for fight-or-flight response. Dangerous, threatening, or stressful situations are not the only triggers for this response. Intense exercises and extreme sports, such as big wave surfing, base jumping, free climbing, or heli skiing, also prompt this reaction.

When it happens, the hormone helps your body feel less pain. It will also boost your performance and strength, which can improve muscle tone, and sharpen your awareness, which could save your life in risky moments. Here are the other benefits of adrenaline rush.

It slows down cancer growth.

According to a study, adrenaline rush can slow down the growth of cancer cells. The stress hormone regulates the protein white fatty tissue produces leptin. Leptin stimulates the growth of cancer cells. With a surge of adrenaline through your body, whether you’re scaling the side of mountain or jumping off a helicopter to ski on fresh snow, your body will produce less cancer cells.

It promotes better respiratory function.

Adrenaline rush helps dilate the air passageways. This allows you to breathe easier. It also enables your body to increase oxygen supply to various cells, making them healthier.

The benefits of this stress hormone, though, will fall to nothing if you injure yourself. Practice safety when engaging in any adventure sport. For example, make sure to get high quality gear from a ski rental store.

Whatever extreme sport you engage in, adrenaline rush can make you feel alive. But do not forget to control your risks properly. Practice caution. And wear safety gear.