The Orthopedic Problems You May Encounter

Orthopedic ProblemsOrthopedic problems are disorders, injury or damage to muscles, joints and ligaments. These may hamper you from performing even routine tasks like walking, sitting down or even standing. Lack of proper treatment may cause further injuries and reduce the quality of life.

Identifying potential problems is the first step to recovery and prevention. Here are some of the disorders to look out for to determine the ideal form of treatment and rehabilitation.

Plantar Fasciitis

This ailment is one of the most common causes of heel pain. The root cause of the pain is a chronic and repetitive strain on a person’s plantar fascia; which is a ligament connecting the heel bone to the toes. This strain on this part of the body may result in weakness, inflammation or swelling in one or both heels.

ACL Tear

According to an expert on orthopedic surgery based in Provo, this is an injury that involves sudden turns, abrupt starts and stops, or any unpredictable motion. Basketball players’ bodies almost always perform the mentioned activities, which may be the reason they are the primary patients of this injury. ACL tears make it difficult to bend the knees or turn and may also lead to instability when trying to stand. One of the options to think about is to get a procedure done to alleviate pain and repair the damage.

Meniscus Tear

This is a common injury suffered by athletes and elderly. The meniscus allows the knees to carry weight, turn, and glide. The cause of injuries like this is a sudden turn or twist where a person keeps the foot planted and knees bent. This causes pain, locking, clicking, and swelling of the injured knees.

These are orthopedic problems that may require rehabilitation or even surgery to prevent injury and fully recover. Immediate treatment allows an athlete to return to form and play at an elite level, while allowing non-athletes to do their daily routines without discomfort and pain.