The Dangerous Trip: Mapping Out Cocaine’s Travel in Your Brain

Drug Abuse in FarmingtonCocaine provides the user with an immediate euphoria along with an intense boost in confidence and enjoyment as soon as he or she inhales it. It is perfectly understandable why people end up seeking substance abuse treatment in Farmington once they get to try a single dose. For instance, an executive gains more confidence in meetings and a performer forgets about stage fright.

It might give you temporary highs, but abusing it can lead to dire health issues. Check out how cocaine makes its way into your system

The Access Point

As soon as you snort coke, it will find its way into your mucus before going towards the blood vessels in your nose. Once there, it will flow into your bloodstream traveling all through your body before rapidly crossing the blood-brain barrier (BBB) to access your brain.

Crossing the Turnpike

The BBB is an obstruction that divides the brain fluid from the circulating blood and the complete central nervous system. This active surface responds to different signals letting the good stuff in and blocking the bad stuff out. However, coke upsets its function by ruining the intricate BBB structure. This will cause your brain to be more open to other harmful toxins causing some of the central nervous system disorders, such as neuroAIDS, MS, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.

Creating a Traffic Jam

After it goes into your brain, it will stimulate the neurotransmitter dopamine, which is the brain’s natural happy drug. This chemical is typically released whenever you sense something gratifying, such as receiving an amazing prize or smelling a meal that is mouthwatering. On normal circumstances, it will come back to its origin after the release. Coke stops this from happening by causing an extreme amount to jam in your cells.

This will result to a brain that is not functioning properly causing paranoia or hallucinations, feeling nauseated, losing your appetite and your heart beating faster. Eventually, the euphoric feeling you get from snorting only lasts for half an hour or less, but your brain is changed forever. Do you really think it is worth it?