Some Surprising Reasons Why Online Revenues are on a Plateau

Website TrafficIf you are still wondering why your website does not give you a lot of revenues, better stop wondering and start checking. Look at the factors that affect website revenues and find a solution for them.

You have put up your website for several months now and you started wondering why your online revenues have not moved an inch. It would seem that your website does not bring in more customers than what it really should. So what do you do? Do not go to a corner and cry. Find out what factors contribute to this phenomenon so that you can correct them.

High Bounce Rate

If you are monitoring the activity of visitors on your website, then there is a possibility you might have seen that the bounce rate is not really good. The bounce rate, according to Google, is the percentage of single-page sessions. In layman’s terms, it is how quickly a user leaves your website. A higher bounce rate means that a lot of visitors move away from your website very quickly. Hence, they no longer get the chance to go to your site and check the products and services that you are offering. So aim for a low bounce rate. Answer the question, 'What is it on the website that makes people move away?'

Overwhelming Info

Have you noticed that many modern websites today have lesser frills on their home page? This is because people go for a minimalist less-cluttered website. This is friendlier to the eyes and makes it easier for users to navigate. Try comparing these modern websites from those that have been cluttered by a lot of pictures and texts and you will see the difference. A cluttered, graphics-filled website would not always match well with many online users today. According to Smashing Magazine, users get easily overwhelmed with too much content and features that they cannot retain all the information at once, leading to frustration, which makes them move away.

Low Website Traffic

This may be one of the most important things that you have to address. The moment that your website does not incur a lot of visitors, then you can be in big trouble. Website traffic determines how many visitors you get in a day or week. None or minimum traffic means that you can expect low revenues from your website. What you can do is to buy website traffic so that you can be assured that there would be a lot of visitors going to your website.

So before you freak out when you saw that your online revenues are not still changing even after several months, better check the possible causes. Check your bounce rate, your homepage’s organisation, and most of all, your website traffic.