Microneedling: Why the Skin Care Trend is Here to Stay

Microneedling in DraperTrends in skin care come and go. One moment, they’re the revolutionary treatment everyone talks about, and the next, they’re out of the spotlight, as a new “flawless” treatment comes along to replace it. People jump on the latest bandwagon, hopeful that the new treatment or product is more effective than and minus the disadvantages of the previous “it” treatment or product.

Skin care is constantly giving way to new trends, and, in recent years, microneedling has been described as a rising star among dermatological treatments. But, by the looks of it, this trend might be here to stay.

What is Microneedling

Ever encountered face massagers? Those are very similar to microneedling devices. Microneedling therapy, according to The Plastic Surgery Practice, is a minimally invasive procedure that involves the use of a device that contains fine needles. Rolling the device on the skin causes controlled skin punctures, which activate the production a new collagen supply. This, in turn, plumps up and rejuvenates the skin.

As more skin care providers and medical spas include microneedling in their array of treatments, the therapy has gained a considerable following. While home kits with smaller gauge needles are available and relatively safe, with proper use, it is best to leave complex procedures (microneedling with larger needles) to the pros.

A Trend in Skincare

Microneedling has grown exponentially in acclaim, thanks, in part to the buzz of mainstream media. Women’s magazines have lauded its benefits, with Vogue calling it the “next big thing in skin care”. The international fashion publication credits this resurgence in microneedling’s popularity points to the fact that it causes less discomfort and downtime than hot laser treatments and chemical peels.

The therapy has been around since the 80’s and 90’s, and has since progressed into a readily accessible and less painful skin treatment versus hot laser procedures. In addition to integrating improved devices into the therapy, the discovery of new dermatological benefits has further increased its popularity all over the world.

Among these are better absorption of skin care products, the reduction of visible scars and wrinkles, and the smoothing of fine lines. In the same article by Vogue, a microneedling enthusiast and medical aesthetician who regularly undergoes therapy is quoted as saying: “I want to scream it from the rooftops. Done regularly, microneedling will make your skin act like it did in your 20s — it’ll be thicker, it’ll glow, it’ll have the most beautiful tone and texture.”

Indeed, with the promise of youthful glowing skin and a more fuss-free method of getting it, microneedling may very well be here to stay. What started out as a skin care trend may quickly evolve into the tried-and-tested technique that people refuse to do without.