Alternative Investments for a More Exciting Portfolio

Investment Broker in BirminghamThere is always something to worry about when you’re watching the stock market. Ups and downs can come at any time. Whilst the thrill of the game is what drives many investors, at some point, it may become too stressful, taxing or even boring.

You do not have to focus on stocks and bonds and fear how your portfolio is holding up through the times. Try alternative investment projects by talking to your investment brokers in the UK such as Harley Investments Ltd about any of the following examples.


The Sotheby’s Mei-Moses Art Indices, developed by Jianping Mei and Michael Moses and acquired by Sotheby’s in 2016, tracks auction houses all over the world for art re-sales. Art has had some great performances through the years. In 2010 alone, art had a return of 16.6%. Study the market for a while before investing in artworks. Here’s a piece of advice, though: buy a piece that you like. You’ll have to hold on to it for the next 13-15 years or so. Whatever happens, you’ll at least enjoy appreciating its beauty and showing it to friends who visit.

Classic Cars

Here’s something you’d probably love if you’re into car collecting. The only problem is you’ll have to stop yourself from driving the classic car you invest in. Such a car—depending on the make and model and how rare and sought-after it is—can generate huge returns. It is, however, an expensive ‘hobby’, so be ready to spend some. You will have to hold on to it for a while too, like fine art. Find an expert who can assist you in the appraisal.


Invest in rare wines or a wine fund. Talk to your broker about it. Wines can return up to 40%. The market for collecting and investing in wines has been growing steadily over the last 15 or so years. Perhaps it is time to take part in it. The up side is, if you buy a few bottles, you can enjoy them at a special occasion if you decide not to wait for a return.

Alternative investments are for those who are looking to vary their portfolio and engage in something a bit more exciting and new. Always talk to experts and your broker before deciding on what to choose.