You Will Definitely Check Anything You Eat After Reading This

Smoked MeatWhat seems to be superbly delectable foods that can cause you to salivate, can actually wreak havoc to your health. The foods listed below are those that you should avoid, not only sometimes, but always.

There are many people who love to eat. This is not to say that they eat obsessively or excessively. It is more like eating the right amount of their favourite food on an almost regular basis. Unfortunately, there are some foods that can cause cancer. To make matters worse, the symptoms that signal presence of this ailment can be so minor and common that it is easy to dismiss them outright. If you are like most people, then you will definitely want to read more about some types of cancer, what can cause them and their symptoms.

Farm Raised Fish

While fish are regarded as generally healthy to eat, research has found that certain types of farm raised fish can cause cancer. Healing Gourmet has revealed that the meat of farm raised salmon, tilapia and cod have been found to be full of pesticides and retardants.

Dangerous Chemicals

Such chemicals have long-been adjudged to be cancer-causing agents and eating food laced with these compounds increases your risk to cancer. If you eat these types of fish on a regular basis, you might want to see first if they have been caught in the wild or raised in farms. Better yet, you might just want to avoid them from now on.

Smoked Meat

That tender and delicious smoked meat that you ate the other day may just be your ticket to the next world if you do not stop eating it. Research has found that the meat smoking process not only makes it tender and tasty, it also makes it dangerous through the absorption of tar from smoke. Tar is a toxic chemical that has been known to cause certain types of cancer.

Processed Meats

If smoked meat exposes you to the risk of cancer, the danger is twice with processed meats. These include bacon, hotdog, luncheon meat, and sausages. Apart from containing too much salt, which can create heart problems, they are also laced with chemicals that have been known to cause cancer. In a study published by the International Agency For Research On Cancer, it said that processed meat can cause cancer.

What To Do

You can start by refraining from eating these types of food. Your doctor may also advice sigmoidoscopy for you. It is a simple procedure that involves using instruments like disposable sigmoidoscope bellows and allows doctors to check your rectum up to the sigmoid colon.

Do not be afraid of such procedures, as they can help in detecting at an early stage if you have polyp growth, which may lead to cancer. Remember, early detection is better than suffering diarrhea-like symptoms and dismissing them outright as minor, only to find out later it is much serious.