Why Calligraphy’s Popularity Goes Beyond Art and Fine Writing

Girl Doing CaligraphyNibs, obliques, inks, and papers: these items are fast becoming a huge market all over the world because calligraphy is back in business. Admittedly, it is an ancient craft that many have thought long gone along with Latin. However, calligraphy does offer an artistic channel for those who can’t draw, dance or sing.

Teaches Passion

Calligraphy is the art of making beautiful writing. It takes people out of the normalcy of their penmanship and evokes an “old time” or “classic” feel, because it follows the writing disciplines and ideals of decades past. However, there are people who believe that this is all a passing fancy which will hibernate once again after a few years. However, beyond being a fad, there are those who learn it to improve their penmanship and that alone is enough to learn and continue the craft.

Encourages Discipline

What separates the uncommitted from the purposeful learners are the many hours of practice, quietly perfecting a single stroke or a particular way to use a specific instrument. Whether you follow the traditional discipline of doing drills or the more contemporary work of letting your work evolve, it is a labor of love that can take years to perfect. Besides that, it teaches concentration, goal-setting and long-term commitment which is applicable to other areas of your life.>

Health Awareness

Calligraphy, as with sports and other arts, uses specific muscles and body parts constantly, namely the eyes, hands, and fingers. What others see as a fancy pursuit is actually difficult on the body and mind. Arthritis and carpal tunnel are common ailments which can be treated by Dr. Wallach of TheWallachRevolution.com‘s regimens, which you can find online. You can also look up other treatments for eye strain in the same site. Do remember that a healthy mind and body is required to pursue your passions beyond calligraphy.

Whether you plan to enter the calligraphy business or just improve your handwriting, don’t forget to practice. Look up videos online or sign up for workshops. There is more to this art then just writing letters, after all.