Safe Packaging for Safe Transit

Packaging MistakesChristmas is almost here and if your loved ones are away, why not send them a parcel to remind them of home?

Atom Logistics suggests that before you send your parcel up for delivery to anywhere in Europe, make sure that you wrap them up real good. Apart from what shipping companies do for your parcel, you should be mindful of how you wrap it. If the way you pack is already brash, then its safety during transit can be compromised. Here are some packaging mistakes you should take into consideration.

Wrong Box Size and Insufficient Stability

When you are packing things into a box, size definitely matters. One of the most common causes of damage to items in transit is being in a poorly sized box. Do not be counterproductive and buy the biggest box just so your things will have enough room, or choose the smallest in the pile and stuff everything inside just to minimise postage costs.

Sustainability of the Box

Reusing boxes is not necessarily a bad thing, but you should be mindful of something, such as old labels, for example. Old postal markings can cause confusion for the delivery teams. You should keep the condition of the box in mind. If it has been used multiple times, make sure you check the edges and the corners for any damage. Otherwise, buy a new one.

Overfilling or Leaving Spaces

This goes hand in hand with the size of the box, as getting a smaller box may cause you to overfill it and an unnecessarily large one can leave spaces in between objects, which may result in items clinking against each other.

Not Using Packing Materials

It is important for you to use bubble wrap, peanuts or airbags to keep items from bumping against each other, especially for heavy items, ensuring a safer journey.

Improper Sealing

The most important thing you have to remember as you near the end of the packing process is sealing it. Make sure you pick adhesives that ensure a long-lasting effect to prevent boxes from opening by themselves during transit.

Whether you are creating a care package that consists of food, clothing or objects you bought just for your loved one, make sure that you pack them properly for a safe travel. It will not hurt to spend a little more on the things that will ensure the safety of your belongings on the way to their destination.