New Acquisition Pointers: Revitalizing and Reviving Old Hotels

Old HotelIf you’ve recently purchased an old hotel, like Dan and Mary King in Colorado, you have two choices for restoring it. You can either turn it into a modern counterpart of its former design or restore it to its original look and feel. Regardless of your path, remember that there are construction essentials that are required for either choice.

Façade and Lobby – The literal face of your hotel is the identifier of what clients can expect within your establishment’s walls. Experienced travelers and tourists can quickly gauge a hotel’s theme, expertise or even service just by looking at the facade and reception hall’s design.

If you choose to retain an old hotel’s grand front and lobby, then be ready to restore what you can of its interior as well. The closer you can get to the original design, the higher you can price your rooms.

Café, Bar, and Restaurant Areas – Hotels are required to have their own dining areas and putting up various kinds of restaurants are amenities that your guests will greatly appreciate. Install elegant lighting, furnishings and decor. Check the plumbing and heating of these businesses as comfort is a major requirement.

Make sure that the kitchen and prep areas are modernized for better food preparation and safety. Remember that even top quality hotels with extensive amenities have suffered negative reviews because of a lack of sanitation in their food prep areas.

Rooms – The rooms are considered the pièce de résistance of any Denver hotel and are subject to the number of praise or criticisms of its guests. Plumbing and heating plays a major part in your client’s stay, so it’s wise to give that extra attention. Don’t spare any expense when renovating, redesigning and repairing the rooms. As mentioned before, you can choose to restore them to their former glory or revamp it with a more contemporary look.

Tourism will always require comfortable, fashionable, and well-designed hotels. That said; keep your future guests in mind for every change or restoration you make on your new acquisition. Consider your upgrades and additions as worthy investments to create true customer satisfaction.