Halitosis: The Cause of Bad Breath and How to Manage It

Woman Suffering from HalitosisA persistent oral odor is technically referred to as halitosis. It’s an experience that can bring your image into disrepute. Getting to the rock bottom of the risk factors associated with halitosis is the first step towards exhaling bad breath away.

Halitosis Triggers

Several factors have been identified by dentists as possible causes of bad breath. Some of which include the following:

  • Inadequate oral hygiene: the leading cause of bad breath as identified by the National Health Service. Failure to brush and floss your teeth results in the build-up of food particles in the mouth, which are later broken down by bacteria to emit a foul smell.
  • Breathing what you feed on: food and drinks may cause temporary bad breath. Highly flavored foods such as garlic and coffee can cause halitosis.
  • Tobacco: a risk factor for other gum diseases that may trigger bad breath.
  • Periodic fasting: the body responds by breaking fat reserves consequently producing a foul-smelling compound called ketones.
  • Halitophobia: having a false perception that you have halitosis while in the real sense you don’t! It’s all in the mind.
  • Medication and some illness: drugs that contain nitrates have been implicated in halitosis. Diabetes and dry mouth conditions are some of the medical conditions associated with halitosis.

Prevention and Management of Halitosis

Identification of the causative agent of your bad breath is a problem half solved. A scheduled appointment with your Pinole dentist like drcraighealy.com will be of great value in the diagnosis of the cause of the bad breath.
Treatment will be based on the history and physical findings on the cause of your halitosis. For instance, your dentist may advise against consuming certain flavored foods responsible for your halitosis. Treatment of periodontal diseases as well as practicing good oral hygiene (flossing and brushing twice daily) are some of the other recommended management options of halitosis by The American Dental Association.
Halitosis (bad breath) is an interplay of several factors with poor oral care being identified as the leading cause. Identification of the cause of bad breath facilitates initiation of corrective measures.